Baby-Proofing Your Dog
No In-Home Sessions due to Covid-19, but you can access videos on our Patreon channel for a modest membership fee of 10 USD, which includes one monthly Skype, or Zoom online session. 

Ideally, we hope to reach expecting moms and dads before the arrival of their new baby to provide the most time possible for 'baby-proofing your dog'. With so many changes on the way, the family dog is going to be asked to cope with new routines, new sounds, new smells, etc., and, usually, less attention than before.

Wether you have just found out that you're having a baby, or you want to ensure a safe environment for your children and your family dog, we can help.

This in-home course is customizable to suit your situation and more sessions can be added if needed.

In addition to the sessions, supplemental material will also be provided.

Please Note:

If there are any specific behaviours you would like to have corrected, please take some short videos of the behaviour(s) and your reaction/response.


4 Private In-Home Sessions 395 + HST

serving St. Thomas, Port Stanley, and surrounding area

Smoke-Free homes only