Behaviour Consultation

There is no need to suffer through, or be embarrassed by, the bad behaviours of your dog. Whether your dog is jumping on people, digging, barking excessively, mouthing, chewing, counter surfing, etc., we can help. We will teach you how to strategically solve any problems you are having by offering a variety of solutions for each unwanted behaviour.

Please Note 
of your dog's behaviours 

 In Person, via Skype or FaceTime

60 minute session

$75 + HST


Consultations must be paid in advance. 

An invoice will be emailed to you.

24 hours notice required to rebook or to cancel your session.

Behaviour Rehabilitation 

Private Sessions

This is suitable for dogs that are NOT aggressive and do not have a bite history.

Additional equipment, such as a muzzle and training collar(s), and safety leash are typical items that are required. We will advise you of what is needed for your dog's rehabilitation. Muzzles are generally a must for dogs that have a bite history.

  • Reactive

  • Fearful/Timid

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Resource Guarding - this may fall into the aggressive rehabilitation category if the case is very severe

  • Fear of specific individuals (i.e. joggers, etc.) or objects (i.e. bicycles, skateboards, etc.)

8 Sessions $600 + HST

Aggression Rehabilitation

Private Sessions

This is for dogs that are people and/or dog aggressive and definitely for those that have a bite history.

8 Sessions $1000 + HST

Please Note 

of your dog's behaviours