Crate training your dog

I think that it is very important to crate train your dog.You never know when your dog might have to go into a create – for travel, vetrinary visit, etc, so it's best to have them used to it already to avoid added stress and anxiety. The best time to start crate The first thing to remember is that the crate must never be used for punishment. The crate should be your dog's safe and quiet spot where they feel happy and secure. Get the right size for you dog It should be large enough for the dog to comfortably stand up, turn around, and lie down. If the crate is too big, there is a chance that the dog could use a portion of it as a bathroom area. For growing puppies, you can buy a larger crate

Obedience Training – Why it's important

Obedience training is not the same as training a dog to do a 'trick' like roll over, shake a paw, or asking it to speak. There will be a future blog on this. Working with a qualified instructor is extremely important. Don't try this on your own by just 'winging it' - there are many steps to training your dog and each dog is different. Obedience training, when done properly, teaches the dog to learn a set of drills as well as what is appropriate behaviour and what is not acceptable. The dog also learns to listen to you because YOU ARE IN CHARGE. Learning these drills, such as Sit, Down, Stay, etc. are great, but many dog owners make the mistake in how they teach these commands. This can cause

How to fit a flat buckle collar

Most people are confused on how to fit their dog's collar properly. While out for a walk, or during training, the collar should be nice and snug - like a watch band, when high up behind the ears. You should be able to comfortably get one finger between the collar and your dog's neck when it is in this position. The reason for having it this snug is so that it won't pull over the dog's head should the dog back up and try to get free. Many will have learned this trick at an early age. Should this happen, you will be grateful for fitting it correctly, but you must try to coax the dog forward rather than pulling on the collar. We want the collar to be up high behind the ears so that it is more e

Bite Prevention

Bite prevention is very important for anyone, but especially children who are often very eager to pet strange dogs. Here are a few tips. If you would like to know more, please contact me, or if you think your child's school would be interested in having a dog safety and bite prevention talk and demo, please contact me for that as well. 1. A child should never run up to a strange dog - always approach calmly AFTER asking for PERMISSION to pet the dog first. NOTE: You can say NO and not allow anyone to pet your dog - the choice is yours and you must look out for your dog especially if your dog is not friendly, afraid, new to you (recently adopted), easily overwhelmed, etc. 2. Once the dog is c


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