Accelerated Training Programs

Designed for those who would prefer we do the work of training your dog for you and then teach you what you need to know to maintain the skills your dog has learned. 


These are private sessions done at our training facility. You drop your dog off and we will train it for 2 hours the first day and 1 hour the subsequent days, the number of days depends on the course you choose, and we can also customize it to suit your needs. You will pick your dog up after each session – this is not a board and train program.

These programs are not suitable for dogs with severe dog and/or human aggression.  

Training equipment is not included in the price.

Mastering the Walk

3 Lessons (4 hours) 

Your dog will learn to walk politely on a loose leash around distractions without reacting to dogs, cars, bikes, etc., pulling, sniffing, picking things up and to walk calmly through doors and up an down stairs. Your dog will also learn the sit and release commands. 

Training collar and 6' leash required.

 $300 + HST

Off Leash Recalls

4 Lessons (5 hours) 

This program is for the owner who wants a dog that will come when called every time, even when distracted. In this course, we will be using subtle signals of low-level remote collar training plus a long line to to create a reliable recall so that your dog comes to you when called no matter what is happening.

Training collar, remote collar, and long line required.

$375 + HST

Basic Obedience & Manners

9 Lessons (10 hours) 

This program can be used for a combination of obedience and behaviour modification. We will customize a training plan for you and your dog, that addresses the behavioural issues you are experiencing as well as teaching your dog basic obedience skills (see Mastering the Walk), as well as the following basic commands while on leash: Sit and Sit Stay, Down and Down Stay, Place, and Off Leash Recall. 

Training collar, remote collar, 6' leash, and long line required.

$750 + HST

Novice Obedience Classes

No Group Classes Running During Covid-19 Pandemic
We are offering private sessions only at this time, as well as private Skype and Zoom sessions.

When we resume:

This 8 week course (plus 1 Private Lesson) is suitable for all dogs from 18 weeks of age and up and it covers all of the basics:


Heeling (no more pulling on the leash)

Sit, Sit Stay, and Release Command

Stand for Exam (vet visits & grooming)

Down and Down Stay

Come when Called 


Your dog will also learn:

Hand and Foot signals

How to heel politely through doorways

How to sit nicely while being petted

How to heel up and down stairs

How to turn without pulling or lagging 

Not to sniff or pick up objects while heeling, or on command

How to 'Out' an object 


All Novice training is done on leash.

All Novice Group Classes are small.

Notes are provided after each class.

If you miss a class, or need a booster class for extra help, the cost is only $20 (tax included)  - this reduced private class rate only applies for students that are currently enrolled in a group obedience class. 

Extra classes are FREE with a training membership (6 month, or 12 month).

8 Private Lessons $600 + HST


Intermediate Obedience Classes

No Group Classes Running During Covid-19 Pandemic
We are offering private sessions only at this time, as well as private Skype and Zoom sessions.

This course is suitable only for dogs who have passed the Novice Obedience Exam.


30 Drills are taught and practiced on leash at first, working up to eventually being off leash.

The drills are designed to teach your dog skills for everyday situations in the real world, as well as those that could one day save your dog's life.


The full intermediate course is taught in 3 parts and classes are sold in blocks of 8 weeks with 1 class per week.

Classes are an hour long.


By Appointment

Our hours are flexible and we are here to help you.  

If you are new to us, please register and then use our online booking calendar by clicking the Book an Appointment button to schedule an appointment for a Behaviour Consult, an Assessment, or for a Private Lesson.

24 hours notice required to rebook or to cancel your appointment.

Consultations must be paid in advance. An invoice will be emailed to you.


Proof of vaccines required

Prices subject to change without notice


  • Obedience

  • Group Classes

  • Private Classes

  • Puppy Classes

  • Off Leash Recall

  • Behaviour Consultation

  • Behaviour Rehabilitation

  • Skype, Zoom, FaceTime Training/Consults

  • Pet Sitting

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