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How to fit a flat buckle collar

Most people are confused on how to fit their dog's collar properly. While out for a walk, or during training, the collar should be nice and snug - like a watch band, when high up behind the ears. You should be able to comfortably get one finger between the collar and your dog's neck when it is in this position.

The reason for having it this snug is so that it won't pull over the dog's head should the dog back up and try to get free. Many will have learned this trick at an early age. Should this happen, you will be grateful for fitting it correctly, but you must try to coax the dog forward rather than pulling on the collar.

We want the collar to be up high behind the ears so that it is more effective while training, or out on the walk. When you are in the house, you can loosen it. We always recommend that you remove the collar at night and let the dog sleep naked to avoid damaging the coat and to let the neck air out.

Flat buckle collars shoud have metal hardware and not a quick release plastic snap. The reason for this, is that the plastic can easily break and the metal will not. The plastic could get a small hairline fracture that you will not notice, and should your dog exert some pressure, it can snap and your dog will be loose.

For more info on what collar is best for you dog and how to use it properly, please contact us.

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