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  • Sandra King, Dog Trainer

Favourite Time of Year

This is my favourite time of year, for a number of reasons. As summer slips into fall, it seems like we get the best of both seasons, for a few weeks at least.

I love this transition for its sunny days and cooler nights. It's colourful and a time of harvest and wonderful food. So, even though the days are shorter and we start to feel the approach of winter, we have plenty of time to still enjoy the weather and spend time outdoors.

However, my most favourite part has to do with dogs – of course! It's a fantastic time to do outdoor training, go for walks, teach your dog off leash recalls, etc., and it's great for photo ops as well!

For anyone who wants a reliable recall, this is absolutely the best time to be working on it outside. It's also perfect if you are just starting your training journey with your dog and working on heeling, or the down stay, etc. It's not too hot, or too cold, bugs are at a minimum, and it's easy to find just the right level of distractions you need to proof the skills your dog is learning.

Make the time and take advantage of this special time to get outside and train your dog!

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