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  • Sandra King, Dog Trainer

The Perfect Dog

Is there such a thing – a perfect dog? The simple answer is, no, but it goes beyond this question. A better question to start with would be:

What do you want to do with your dog?

Do you want a working dog that will perform a certain job? Are you looking for a companion that you want to take on daily walks, but then just hang around the house for the most part. Are you looking for a service dog?

The next issue is, can you strive for perfection? Yes, you can strive for it, but is it attainable? If you have the right mix of genetics and training, you can get pretty darn close, but I hesitate to say that you will be getting perfection in all areas. You might get perfection for a certain job, or duty that the dog is genetically geared for, or you may have found a companion that is just perfect for you in a particular situation, but chances are that no dog is going to be 100% perfect in all scenarios all of the time – and that's okay!

Instead of perfection, strive for BETTER. A dog that has a laundry list of issues can still learn to become better, providing that genetics and health are not an issue. It's all a process and one that fluctuates, which, for me, makes it so much more interesting. A dog is not a computer (by the way, these are not perfect either), but training and consistency can bring out a better version of the dog you currently have and who knows how far you and your dog can evolve together.

We work with the family dog, so our expertise lies in cultivating relationships between dogs and their owners that are a good fit. For the family dog, we aim to create a calm and respectful pet that listens and has good manners in home, is not reactive on walks, and enhances the lives of the humans it lives with and is calm around other people it comes in contact with. For me, this is my dream dog, and I've been lucky enough to own a few of these special pups.

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