At Red Rover Dog Training Centre Ltd. we are committed to helping you with your dog.

Training a dog is work, but we break it down into easy steps so that you and your dog can comfortably learn together.

We are only able to offer private lessons at this time. We can help you with your puppy and older dog with obedience and manners as well as behaviour rehabilitation for dogs that are aggressive to people and/or dogs, anxious, fearful, etc.

There is no room for frustration when it comes to training your dog. If you feel like your dog is geting the better of you and you don't know how to fix the problems you are having, please contact us. 


We offer solutions that work.

My journey in life has always had either a dog, or a horse, or both at my side. However, just plain love for these animals has never been enough. I always wanted to understand them - to know what made them tick, and why they do the things they do.


With the horses, I was moderately successful. With dogs - well, trying to find a trainer to help me, that was a different story. I've run across some very illogical training methods, some extremist teachers, and many that put on a good show, but fail to deliver.


Finally, I found Dave McMahon and enrolled my 5 year old (out of control) Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Ruby, in his novice course. The methods worked and I was hooked. I completed the 14 month, hands-on training  in 2015.

We opened Red Rover Dog Training Centre Ltd. in Grimsby, Ontario in Feb. 2016 and we have been busy right from the start. My husband's work (his day job) had us relocating to St.Thomas and we had our 2nd grand opening in our new location in March 2018. We love where we are, but it was hard to leave our loyal clients in Niagara behind.

Since then, we have continued to learn and have done various online courses, and I have also completed the T3 Train the Trainers program with Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training, Sean O'Shea of The Good Dog Training & Rehabilitation, and Tori Smith of Take the Lead Dog Training.

A bit about my husband, Peter....


Peter also shares my love for dogs.


He began his training by apprenticing at Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy, but had to leave the course to come and help me at our school. We did not anticipate how quickly our school would grow. We were so busy that Ruby and I couldn't handle the work load ourselves. Peter continued his training with Michael McIllaney, the former senior trainer at Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy.

We both continue learning – this will never stop.

The most important thing to remember in dog training is that no two dogs  – or owners are exactly the same. We offer multiple solutions for every situation.

The number of dogs that I have worked with is in the 1000s and the solutions we offer for training and behaviour modification are balanced and fair. Our training system is a logical and motivational one and it works.


It is our pleasure to help dogs and their owners have the best relationship possible no matter where they are – in the comfort the familiar home, while out for a walk, or visiting a strange new place.

Sandra King


Peter King



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Our hours are flexible and we are here to help you.  

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