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Your Dog should Complement your Life, not Complicate it

We are Committed to helping You with your Dog

We offer Solutions that  work

We use a 'big picture' approach to ensure maximum success: What does your dog's day look like?  How structured is it?​


Obedience is only part of the equation – a very important part, but there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when fixing unwanted behaviours. It's those 'seemingly insignificant' moments that make a difference. We point them out to you so that you are aware of the impact all the little things have on the big picture of how you live with our dog.​​ Training a dog is work. ​There is no room for frustration when it comes to training your dog. If you feel like your dog is geting the better of you and you don't know how to fix the problems you are having, please contact us.

We will help bring out the best in your dog so you can enjoy a more harmonious life together. ​


Photo: Sandra Lankshear Elfman  Instagram: @lake_erie_living

I say 'Life Coach' jokingly – sort of. 


You might as well find out now that there will be dog training and human coaching – they do go hand-in-hand, when it comes to dog training, especially if we are fixing unwanted behaviours. 


Peter and I see so many people struggling with their dogs, to the point of them coming to us as their last resort. It's not always easy, but when the shift in the human/dog relationship, and subsequently the dog's behaviour, starts to happen, it's amazing!


We have worked with thousands of dogs and I also spent 8 years working with horses in various capacities in a variety of environments: boarding/show stable to race track to breeding facility. All-in-all, I have approximately 20 years of hands-on practical experience with dogs and horses, and both Peter and I continue to expand our canine knowledge through additional training programs, seminars, consultations, and on-line programs.

There are no training 'secrets'. We are ready to share our knowledge, experience, and skills with you and your dog. If you're ready and you need some help, we are here for you and your dog!


Working with clients and their dogs is the most rewarding thing for me and I can say the same for my wife as well.


We love to have fun with our dogs and we know that our clients do too, but it's just as important for the dogs to learn how to settle down and be calm. We have high energy dogs ourselves, and all have learned impulse control and how to be calm on command (yes, it's a thing!) so that we find being with them a pleasure, rather than a pain.


Impulse control is vital and so are the basics of obedience. A great foundation might be all you need, but many dogs have so much potential! Sadly, a lot of dogs don't get the opportunity to flourish and instead they are excluded from many parts of their owners' lives because they 'can't behave', or end up in a shelter when some training would have made a huge difference.

Sandra King

Dog Trainer
aka 'Life Coach' for Dogs and Their Humans

Peter King

Dog Trainer 
and the other part of the Husband & Wife Duo

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