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Thank you, Red Rover Dog Training! The training has really changed things for us. Mozzie was very aggressive towards other dogs, which prevented me from taking him out.  Yesterday I took Mozzie to a family get together. We went to a little lake and my dad put his small boat out. There were other dogs about, and bikers and Mozzie behaved very well. I was able to help my dad with the boat and Mozzie did a down stay for the time I helped my dad. And Mozzie got a boat ride that he really enjoyed (I was surprised by that). In the past I would have left Mozzie home for the afternoon, and it was so nice to be able to take him along. Red Rover Dog Training taught me how to manage my dog and taught my dog how to control himself. In addition to basic obedience, the trainers taught me how to use an e-collar to curb his aggression and teach him to control himself. It worked very well and now I hardly ever need to use the e-collar, but it gives me the confidence that I need to go out with my dog. Now my dog gets to enjoy many outings with me!  I highly recommend Red Rover Dog Training!  The trainers are very knowledgeable, patient, and flexible in their training.


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