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Mobile Services


Mobile in-home training services and outdoor lessons in the St. Thomas and Port Stanley area. We come to you and train in the comfort of your home, the place where your dog spends most of its time. Smoke-free homes only.

Behaviour Rehab

Your dog will only become better behaved

if you learn how to be in control

That's where we come in - to show you and your dog the way to better behaviours, in the home, on walks, and other places you like to go.


Behaviour Rehab

8 Private Lessons 1 hour each

$750 + HST

Suitable for a variety of non-severe behaviour issues such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, excessive barking, etc.


Behaviour &

Aggression Rehab

8 Private Lessons 1 hour each

$1000 + HST

For dogs with severe issues such as fighting, extreme leash reactivity, extreme separation anxiety, fear/phobias, OCD behaviours, dominant behaviour, and/or a bite history.

Training Equipment is not included in the cost. 

(muzzle, e-collar, training collar, safety leash, etc.)

We will determine what equipment you will need. We carry most items and will advise you on what you'll need

 Minimum: 2-3 lessons weekly.

We will advise of the best schedule.

Individual Lessons can be added to a training package as needed

The day that I took my feisty fireball fur baby to Red Rover was the best day ever and the smartest thing I did for Toby, my 13 month old Chihuahua Shitzu pup. We brought Toby home at 7 weeks old to be a companion for our sweet well behaved Tito (3 year old shorkie). Things were great in the beginning. Toby turned out to be smart and adapted fast to his new home. As Toby got older he turned wild where we couldn't have company in the house without getting bitten. He literally turned into a wild monster by barking, snarling and going after visitors (no exaggeration). If we try to put him away in a room or crate, he would be in such a wild state that we end up getting bitten by him😒 With that being said, our little sweet, Tito followed suit with Toby and we ended up with two crazy dogs. 2 lessons with Sandra and Peter and we started seeing a difference with Toby. An Absolute Miracle (to us at least) after 5 or 6 lessons with a couple more left, Toby was a complete different dog. I honestly thought there is no hope with him but was I ever wrong. Sandra and Peter are very professional and well knowledgeable of all kinds of breeds. I got to tend a couple of the classes with my little monster and I was amazed with their behavior teaching with Toby. Now that I have Toby all straightened out, I am taking Tito to set him straight too. Thank you so much Sandra and Pete for all you did and do for all fur babies.


St.Thomas, Ontario



Accepting Applications


Intensive Training 

Severe Behaviour Rehab


6 month Membership

$4995 + HST

The Intensive Training 6 month Membership for Severe Behaviour Rehab is NOT suitable for all dogs and owners, and many won't need this type of training, but if you have a challenging dog and are committed to doing the work, this could be life-changing for you and your dog.


Please contact us to see if this is a good fit for you and your dog, or if another, less intense, program is all you need.


This is membership course is designed for owners that need a lot more help with their challenging dog. It's a more intensive approach and is fully customized to your dog's specific needs.


These are private one-on-one lessons done in your home. 


Severe Behaviour Rehab is for dogs that have a bite history and/or severe behaviour issues such as, but not limited to:

• Human and/or dog aggression 

• Resource Guarding

• Separation Anxiety

• Extreme fear/anxiety

• Extreme reactivity

• Dogs with a Bite History

For dogs 9 months of age and older

• 6 months of private lessons - minimum 60 minutes each, but first lessons will be longer (2 hours +) - the number of lesson will vary  - and as you and your dog progress, you will be able to join group training as it becomes available.

• At minimum, 3-4 lessons per week but likely will be more frequent the first 2-4 weeks. In some cases we will need to do daily lessons at first.

• Training Equipment INCLUDED: Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, E-Collar Technologies E-Collar, Safety Leash, Long Line, Dog Cot. Type of Prong Collar will be determined when we start training. 

Approximate value of Training Equipment: $700+


• Training Equipment NOT included, but required: Muzzle (Basket-style) must be purchased in advance and conditioned to your dog prior to the first lesson. Also recommended is a crate.


Estimated Value of this package: $6100 +

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