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Frequently Asked General Questions

What training tools do you use?

We use a variety of tools - anything from treats to toys to motivate and reward, treats to scent lure and shape commands, and verbal praise. Young puppies are on a harness and a leash.


Some of the other equipment we use is: a 6' leash, a 6' safety leash, a long line, and a training collar - we will determine the type that is most appropriate for the dog. For most dogs, we use a prong collar.


For off leash recalls, advanced obedience, and to stop unwanted behaviours we use a remote control e-collar. 

Aggressive dogs, especially those with a bite history will have to wear a muzzle, usually a Baskerville (basket type) muzzle and an e-collar will also be required. Safety is our first priority.

Flexi Leashes are not permitted.

We will determine what equipment you will need.

We sell almost everything you'll require and most items are in stock all of the time, but sometimes things are out of stock.

What do you mean you look at the Big Picture?

We look at all aspects of the dog's life and environment and address what many might consider seemingly insignificant details that are contributing to the overall behaviour of the dog. Some aspects are easy to fix, like feeding two scheduled meals per day instead of free-feeding.


For more information on this please watch our video on Structure:

The Importance of Structure in Dog Training

Is my dog too old to be trained?

We have worked with numerous dogs that are 9 and 10 years old and they have done well. Sometimes, there can be limitations if the issues are behavioural in nature. In terms of obedience, dogs of any age can learn but, if you have an older dog with health issues, this would need to taken into consideration and realistic expectations would be discussed.

My dog is not spayed/neutered yet - can we do lessons with you?

Yes, but if your female comes into heat, you will have to wait until her cycle is over.

Do you train service dogs?

No, we do not train service dogs. We are pet dog trainers for dogs of all ages and breeds. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

No, since there are too many variables outside of our control – the dog's home environment, consistency, and follow through, but we do strive to gather as much information from our clients as possible prior to accepting them into our programs and having honest conversations throughout the process as well.


Genetics and the dog's health will also be a factor and some dogs do have limitations on what can be achieved, however, some of these things may not be evident until we start the training process. 


Having everyone on board with your dog's training is also a must.


All this being said, we have worked with thousands of dogs and seen amazing transformations in dogs of all ages and temperaments.

All purchases of training programs/courses are final.

Exchange only for products or other services prior to the course start date.

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