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Mobile Services


Mobile in-home training services and outdoor lessons in the St. Thomas and Port Stanley area. We come to you and train in the comfort of your home, the place where your dog spends most of its time. Smoke-free homes only.

Foundation & Manners Programs 

All of our programs are customized to address your specific needs

If you have more than one dog you'd like trained, please contact us for a quote

For basic obedience, we teach dogs to walk calmly and politely beside us without pulling, sniffing, lunging, barking, etc. at our speed and to sit when we stop walking. We start indoors where we can control the distractions, and once the dog understands how to walk politely, then we add distractions inside and then go outside as well.


We cover other obedience commands like the Place Command, Down, and the Stay. We are big proponents of creating structure in the home as well as on the walk and the Place Command, along with other things like the Stay Commands, are extremely helpful for this.

Common non-severe behaviour issues are addressed, including non-severe resource guarding.

Foundation & Manners Mini 

ages: 5 months and older*

5 Private Lessons 1 hour each

$475 + HST

(5 hours)

Foundation & Manners Regular 

ages: 5 months and older*

8 Private Lessons 1 hour each

$695 + HST

(8 hours)


 Foundation & Manners Intensive 

ages: 7 months and older*

3 Private Lessons 2 hours each

$475 + HST

(6 hours)


This new course is currently only being offered on weekends, first and second lesson on the same weekend (Sat & Sun), third lesson, the following Saturday.


*These courses are NOT applicable for dogs with severe behaviour/aggression issues

Training Equipment is not included in the cost

We will determine what equipment your dog needs and we sell pretty much everything you'll require

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